Monday, May 24, 2010

A Picky Customer

Both of my girls have been watching me put together headers and blogs for other people and finally demanded their place in line. :) Each of our girls has a blog that they use for school assignments and for a few special people to read ~ grandparents and such.

Laurianna was first in line and we’re still working on McKenna’s, but here’s a peek at hers. She was so excited to help pick the colors and graphic {can I just say Fotolia is an amazingly wonderful place to find inexpensive graphics?}.

My Great Life sample

We’re still working on McKenna’s blog and header, but I have a little more editing to do before it’s finished! Just wanted to share with you since it was so sweet ~ and very much Laurianna.

1 comment:

  1. Very cute! My daughter writes a private blog for the grandparents, too. ;0)

    I would SO LOVE to have you re-design my blog and personalize it. I've played around with it, but I know nothing about HTML. I still have the lovely blog button you made for me when we were on the TOS Crew together! Thank you!

    We're moving next week, but I'm going to check back with you on pricing and ideas for my blog!

    Good for you for being so creatively talented and doing this to raise money for Relevant. You go, girl! I love your tag line, too.