Saturday, May 29, 2010

Eclipsed ~ Blog Header and Button

Kris from Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers has another blog she started last year that documents her weight-loss journey. To date, that girl has lost 50 pounds and is doing AMAZING!!

She asked me to design a header and button for her Eclipsed ~ Escaping the Shadow of Obesity blog. She is a HUGE fan of the Twilight books and movies, so the font I used obviously had to look similar to the Twilight font!

Here’s a peek at her blog header and button:

Eclipsed blog header

Eclipsed Blog Button

Be sure to stop by and visit her blog and cheer her on!

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Picky Customer

Both of my girls have been watching me put together headers and blogs for other people and finally demanded their place in line. :) Each of our girls has a blog that they use for school assignments and for a few special people to read ~ grandparents and such.

Laurianna was first in line and we’re still working on McKenna’s, but here’s a peek at hers. She was so excited to help pick the colors and graphic {can I just say Fotolia is an amazingly wonderful place to find inexpensive graphics?}.

My Great Life sample

We’re still working on McKenna’s blog and header, but I have a little more editing to do before it’s finished! Just wanted to share with you since it was so sweet ~ and very much Laurianna.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Traditional Simplicity

Michelle @ Traditional Simplicity  was looking for something simple and basic for a blog header and button ~ but yet still have it stand out. She has a Wordpress blog which made it fun for me to experiment and see how Wordpress works behind the scenes.

She searched through some images on {a wonderful place to find inexpensive yet great graphics} and found something that she wanted to use in her header. Her current layout and background were simple {shades of grey}, so we added in a little green butterfly to give her header and button a little ‘pop’.

Traditional Simplicity Header

 Traditional Simplicity

Michelle will be attending the Relevant 2010 conference with me in the fall  ~ can’t wait to meet her in person!! Thanks so much, Michelle, for giving me a peek into Wordpress and working with me.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Along the Way

Cindy @ Along the Way is a homeschooling friend of mine who wanted to do a little simplifying and rearranging on her blog. What started out as just a header and blog button resulted in an entire blog re-do {and lots of fun in the process}.

Cindy found the cutest graphic at iStockphoto, so her new blog design was based on the colors from that graphic. She loved the polka-dot background she had previously, so we kept that as part of the new look.


A top navigational bar was added under her header so that her readers could find her resources quickly without needing to do a lot of searching around her site. A few other ‘features’ that were added ~ new RSS, Twitter and Email buttons and a cute little blog button that others can grab to link back to her site:

I have to say that I love her sidebar titles though! These turned out so cute:
blogs I love branchBe sure to stop by and visit Cindy @ Along the Way and tell her ‘hi’. She has some great printables and teaching ideas for preschoolers!