When you are ready to have me work on your blog, feel free to copy and paste the questions below into an email, answer them and then email them to me:

homeschoolcreations at gmail.com

Please try to answer the question as best as you can and submit all of the information at one time ~ it will make it easier on both of us. :) If you have a specific idea {font, picture, etc...} in mind, describe it as best as you can or link to examples that you've seen.


1. Your name:

2. Blog URL

3. Username/email address and password you use to log-in to your blog:

4. What are you ordering?

5. What colors would you like to use?

6. What title would you like for your blog:

7. Does your blog have a quote or tag-line to include?

8. Which fonts (2 or 3) would you like me to use:

9. Any additional information you would like me to know:

10. Are than any photos that you would like me to use/include in your header? Please attach them to your email. Fotolia.com is a GREAT place to find graphics/images for a great price, if you are unable to find any through Microsoft clip art.

11. For blog button design:

      ~ What would you like the button to say?

      ~ Where should the button link to?

      ~ Do you want to have a 'grab me' button {similar to the one in my sidebar}.

** Please note: At this point, I work only with blogs through Blogger. **