Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Daze of Adventure ~ Blog Makeover

Bright and bold colors…and a design that I am completely in love with! Jennifer from Daze of Adventure contacted me a little bit ago to make over her blog and after looking and looking for graphics we found the cutest little car {from Fotolia}...which then set the course for the whole blog!

blog header

We kept much of her original layout in place, just tweaked the colors, some sizing and rearranged a bit. In addition to her new header, Jenn is sporting some cute new sidebar titles, top navigational buttons and a new blog button.

sidebar title

navigational bar

Daze of Adventure

We also added some new social media buttons, so that she can share more with her readers.social media buttonsJennifer was a DREAM to work with!! Be sure to stop by and visit her at Daze of Adventure to check out her new look up close and personal! Thanks so much Jenn!

Font used in this blog design: Black Boys on Mopeds

Friday, August 20, 2010

Homegrown Learning ~ Blog Makeover

Crystal at Homegrown Learning loved the background pattern that she found on Pyzam and wanted to keep that in place with her blog redo {and it was definitely cute!}. I tweaked the template some to make the columns and colors more what she was looking for and more reader friendly {the background was burgundy and is now white, making it easier to read}.

I found a graphic in Microsoft clip art and also used some pictures of her boys to put a new header together for her.

image I also put together some navigational buttons underneath her header along with some cute sidebar titles and a new blog button.



Thanks so much Crystal for working with me and letting me put a little more ‘you’ into your blog! :)

Fonts used in this re-design: Brady Bunch and CK Handprint

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Giving Up On a Clean House {Blog Makeover}

Stacy at Giving Up on a Clean House asked for a blog redo and we found a great graphic in Microsoft clip art that I was able to tweak a bit to work for her header. As a mom she juggles many things ~ but her focus is to slow down and focus on what really matters ~ her family.

Once her header graphic was in place, the colors of her blog were based from the image. Her new blog look included a header, blog button, sidebar titles, new background and social media buttons.



Be sure to stop by and visit Stacy at Giving Up On a Clean House and check out her new look. She has two of the most beautiful children!! Thanks so much for working with my Stacy!